Declaration to Collect, Process and Use Personal Information

GINIBIO only collects personal information that is necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of GINIBIO’s functions or activities. Personal information that GINIBIO collects from staff, students, prospective students, past students, benefactors, research participants, and external contractors including but not limited (depending on the services provided and accessed):

A. Identification of the individual,

B. Identification of finances,

C. Personal description,

D. Details of other family members,

E. Dwelling and facilities,

F. School record,

G. Qualifications and skills,

H. Examinee record, Health record.

GINIBIO generally collects information at enrolment, when you access GINIBIO’s IT systems, or when participate in special activities or projects. Some special projects or activities may have their own collection notice which is in addition to the information contain in this general collection statement.

Some of the main reasons GINIBIO collects your information includes:

to correspond with you;

for enrolment purposes;

for administrative purposes;

for the purposes of undertaking university-commissioned research;

for the facilitation of student elections;

to meet legal obligations;

to inform you about your course or other university courses/events;

to confirm your entitlement to commonwealth assistance;

to the facilitation of education related activities;

to promote education, services or products;

to update your personal information on the GINIBIO Student Register.

Generally, you may elect to not provide GINIBIO with your personal information, however, much of the personal information collected by GINIBIO is necessary to provide you with educational services or access to government support. Without this information, GINIBIO may be restricted in its ability to provide these services or support. In some cases, enrolment at GINIBIO will not be possible without certain information provided.

GINIBIO will only collect personal information by lawful and fair means. GINIBIO will generally collect personal information from you directly, unless:

you consent to the collection of the information from someone else; or GINIBIO is required or authorized by, or under, a Taiwan’s law, or a court / tribunal order, to collect the information from someone else; or it is unreasonable or impracticable to get the information from you directly.

GINIBIO stores personal information in both electronic and hard copy forms, and must comply with the requirements of the Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act.

If GINIBIO holds personal information about you that was collected for a particular purpose (the primary purpose), GINIBIO will not use or disclose this information for another purpose (the secondary purpose), unless you consented to the use or disclosure of the information.

You have a right of access to, and alteration of personal information concerning yourself held by GINIBIO, in accordance with Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act. Also individual can request the termination of use and the deletion of personal information. When exercising the abovementioned rights, individual‘s identity must be verified before an application can be submitted. GINIBIO may require an individual to pay a fee in relation to their request to access their personal information.

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