Gini Technology Co. Ltd.

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What Defines Us

"We are a group of IT people seeking for human technologies to make the world a better place. Meanwhile to make all people healthier and happier with a style." - CEO, Josh Huang

Our Services

We provide software applications as well as Smart and IoT Devices.

Personal Health Service (PHS)

Providing online services that keeps track of user's health records. With such database and service readily available, it allows for ease of convience, to search up personal medical records, anytime, anywhere.

Health Information System (HIS)

Database regarding personal user's health. Historical records allow us to keep track of the user well-being and precisely predict the user's future health conditions.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

A thorough biological database regarding human condition and health. This information is useful to keep track and provide a deeper understanding of a person's well-being.

Self-Service Kiosk

A self-service check-in and measurment system within all clinics in Taiwan, which provides patients to easily measure their blood pressure, height, weight and more.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WIFI Hub

A low energy Bluetooth Technology detection system, which allows for communication between two devices from short distances. This enables the possibility for a whole range of applications, in which we can take advantage of.

Health Bank

A online database that contains all the track records of every patient registered in the health bank online data system. The user can easily check their current health conditions, and improvements in their health along the way.

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